[Rezension] The One (Selection # 3)

The One – Kiera Cass
Selection # 3
E-Book, Harper Collins
ISBN  978-0-00746674-0
336 pages

Only four girls are left in this emotional battle for prince Maxon’s heart. America still doesn’t know if she for real could be the princess. Deep in her heart is a huge feeling for Maxon – but is it love? And what about Aspen? Does she still feel something for her first true love?

While Maxon also tries to find out about his feelings the events are overturning. Southern rebells try to fight their way into the palace and northern rebells try to nagotiate – for a way better world than it is now. America kows that something has to change. The castes can’t stay forever because they destroy the people and part society.
But she alone can’t start anything because the king still hates her. But does Maxon love her strong enough? And does America love Maxon enough to be his princess and one day a queen?

It all ends. And this last episode really thrilled me! After reading the first and second book in german I really needed to know how all ended. And as I found out, some other bloggers did, too ^^
Someone wrote that it ended way different than she thought. I was halfway through at this point and so afraid it could end up different than I hoped!
So I paused for a few weeks bevor the couriosity got me and I needed to know how all ends.

So I went to Iléa again and met America and Maxon.

America evolved from a shy girl to a strong woman. Everybody could see that – and the other girls from the elite somehow knew that only America had true feelings for Maxon. So they knew about their own chances and I was very interested to find out if Maxon knew as well.

The first two books told more about being a princess and what world they lived in. The castes were something important und America still had feelings for Aspen.
But the third book was slightly different. It was about the evoultion of Iléa, about possibilities. America and Maxon visit places outside of the palace so there is something new to describe and to tell about. I liked that a lot!
As I said before this book is not all about the selection but about the rebells and the chance to change Iléa. So much more happens suddenly and America and Maxon have to deal with it. I liked it how Kiera Cass puts them in some situations to prove them – the can’t do their best everytime.

And – I have to say it – the end was so different from what I thought! It took the right direction (after me doing „nooooooooo“ ^^) but it was well written 🙂

This book was very good to read and a very good final! Maybe it was a bit much but who cares – it ended like i hoped it would and way better! So this book earns full points.


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