[Let’s review in englisch] The bitter Kingdom – Girl of fire and thorns # 3

The bitter kingdom – Rae Carson
Girl of fire and thorns # 3
Greenwillow Books
ISBN 978-0062026545
449 pages

$ 13,60 (E-Book )

Beware: This review is about part three of a series and may contain spoilers!

They fought back the Inviernos, they found the Zafira on the island and now they need to find Hector and bring him back to Elisa’s arms to have peace at last.
But this may not solve all problems as the inviernos still try to fight against the kingdom as well as Elisa is threatend by one of her own people.
The friends Elisa, Belen and Mara along with Storm do not only walk into the mountains but deep beyond. They risk everything for the kingdom. Especially Elisa, who is willing to sacrifise herself…

After reading book one and two in german, I really needed to know how this story ends. The second book of this trilogy was published a few weeks before the last book was buyable in englisch, so I bought it the day they put it on amazon. And I am so glad I did this, though I needed a few weeks to read it.
When part three is translated I will read the whole trilogy again to end in german.

„The Girl of fire and thorns“ is a trilogy about Elisa, growing up as the second princess, destined to marry a foreign prince and becoming a very strong young woman. The godstone that apeard one day made her something special. And as she found out: The combination of her and her godstone is something very rare and her life is somehow forecasted.

In this last part she knows already a lot about her godstone and the prophecy. It is her will now that makes her move and risk her life. Sometimes I really liked her way of thinking, but it happend that I hated her for being so selflessly. She as the queen is the most important person to bring everything on – and yet another time she risked her life! What was that about? I was so reliefed when she accepted the other ones to do so as well, because she understood her own meaning in the whole part.

What I liked most about the whole series took part in this book again: The setting changed so much and was written so detailed and lovable. In the first book it was desert and heat, then the island and so dschungellike air and now the mountains and the cold. I really love what Rae Carson can do with words and I am glad being able to read this in the original language.

A lot of people reviewed on goodreads that the story still has one weakness: The prophecy and Elisa’s service. I agree so much at that point. I am very satisfied with the story excluding this one thing.
Everything worked out fine, not in an easy way but really readable. I even really noticed the scene but thought about it afterwards, after reading the other reviews.

This book was nevertheless a very good final book and I am glad to read it again next year when it hopefully will be translated into german. I can not give the perfect five stars because the beginning and the very long way to Hector annoyed me, to be honest even more afterwards when the events happened and everything was way to easy. But everything else, the writing, Elisa’s changes and the setting, was so wonderful and I really liked the ending (the last last one). So I award four very good stars.


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