[Let’s review it in English] The Summer I found you

The Summer I found you – Jolene Perry
Albert Whitman Teen
publication date: march 2014
256 pages

12,57 €

Kate and Aidan meet when Jen, Kate’s best friend and Aidan’s cousin, needs another couple to hang out with her and her boyfriend.
But Kate just split up with her first boyfriend and searches for a way to make him jealous. He walked away to date a cheerleader who is just that tiny and small and it breaks Kate’s heart to see them together.
Aidan on the other hand came back from Afghanistan where he not only lost his sergeant in an attack but also his right arm. So many things await him back home. As he and Kate meet he sees her as a good distraction.
Kate uses him the same way, because she just was diagnosed with diabetes and tries to ignore it as hard as she can – therefore making out with a handsome young man coulnd’t be more distracting.

Every time a boy breaks up with a girl is a bad time. But everyone of us has to go through such a situation, and for Kate the situation is the summer bevor she goes to College.
I liked her instantly, but she really got my sympathy when she met Aiden for the first time. You know, the guy with only one arm.
Sometimes when you have injuries you joke about „you need to see the other guy“ and Kate just says this when she sees Aiden with just one arm. How stupid is that?
But who of us would be polite and would not stare? Kate is a person to love, so she is just honest.

Later on, she is torn apart between the problems with her diabetes and her feelings for Aidan. I liked the way she reconsiders everything and knows how to fight for something. Although she went on my nerves a long time because of her ignorance concerning her disease – can’t help you getting over it – she changed in a way I liked.

The story about Aidan is very interesting. The author’s husband is a soldier, so she could really find out about soldiers who lost body parts. This seemed very real and well researched. I also liked the way she wrote in Aidan’s point of view, because you can realize out the difference between the girl Kate and the boy Aidan.

The goodreads readers didn’t like the story that much. I read some reviews and they sound angry about the spelling and that AidAn sometimes was written AidEn. To me, who normally reads english books once a year, it seemed correct. Maybe the publisher works on it, so this is nothing to discount points.

I am now very proud to finish this review, because it is one of the longest texts I’ve written outside of school – please inform me about mistakes, I try to improve with every review! (Thanks to Mila for the quick reaction and correction 😉 ).
For this very nice book about two young people I give five of five stars. It was a very nice lecture, not very heavy or deep but fun to read. Hopefully it will enter the german book market as well!


Have a look at the author’s blog.


2 Gedanken zu “[Let’s review it in English] The Summer I found you

  1. Hey Sandra! Ich finde klasse, dass du zwischendurch auf englisch Rezensionen schreibst 🙂
    Habe einmal drübergeschaut und dir eine email dazu geschrieben – ich hoffe es hilft dir! (Wunder dich nicht, ist eine australische addy xD kein Spam!)

    ..die Geschichte hört sich so ein bisschen an, als könnte sie auch von Nicholas Sparks sein ;-))

    Gefällt mir

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